Card Personalization Solution

Card Personalization

Personnel identification is very important where security is concerned. Identity cards have become the modern day version of a key to opening doors or accessing secured area. This is why extreme measures needs to be taken while issuing ID cards for banks and government sectors where security needs to be at highest level.

Smart cards are becoming popular as identity cards as they cover a huge application area. These cards have built in microprocessor with memory that can store personal information.

Card personalization is a process for authentication of an ID card. There are many methods available for card personalization:

Visual Authentication

Visual authentication provides a low level security authentication where the printed data on the ID card verifies a personnel’s employment attributes:

  • Full color offset thermal printing for Name, Picture and general employment information
  • Signature panel
  • Hologram print of the organization seal for authentication and avoiding duplicate card
  • Embossing
  • Laser engraving
  • Lamination for protection

Encrypted Authentication and Card Issuing

This covers a high level security for authentication of the cards. It incorporates full features of implementing smart cards and insures full ID card authentication and avoids invalid access. Smart cards have their own memory where data like employee information. RTS provides following services for secured card personalization

Three pass authentication and encryption based on a stream cipher algorithm with random generator, serial number and 48 Bit keys for high security authentication
Web-based application and hardware interface for issuing the card with encrypted digital signature of each personnel
Database design for all ID card holders with complete bio data and validation period

Current Activities

EMV Chip Card Migration Project of BANK