Smart Card Solution

LOS chip card lifecycle management solution combines into one package the basic chip card issuing processes that external third parties typically provide, but delivers many additional features and benefits to card issuers and processors. There are clear and achievable business advantages and a demonstrable business case for performing chip card issuing processes in-house:

  • the costs of data preparation and key management are under your control
  • cost and time to market for new products is reduced
  • there’s no tie to a single perso supplier
  • critical business and security assets are not shared with external suppliers.


Aconite Affina Enterprise grows with your business. As your products become more sophisticated, Affina Enterprise delivers support for multi-application cards and post-issuance update – the addition, upgrade and deletion of applications. Affina Enterprise can drive instant issuance card printers for improved customer service. And when the time comes to go mobile, Affina Enterprise is the stepping-stone to Aconite’s solution for full over-the-air management of NFC applications on your customers’ mobile phones.

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Current Activities

EMV Chip Card Migration Project of BANK