Investment Banking Solution

LOS Technology offering for investment banks is a comprehensive Portfolio and Fund Management system allowing complete order, request management and investment transactions processing for the institution, its clients and managed funds in a highly parameter and user-friendly mode.

For the Fund Management operations, the system operates in a central mode whereby the fund books and the managing companies’ books are automatically affected by any approved transaction.

In addition to handling all types of transactions, the system computes various types of expenses and incomes. Moreover, the system handles margin trading, collateral management and custodian management. The system offers all kind of reports and charts with drill-down facility.

As such, investment banking services are supported with Assets and Trade Management including margin trading, collateral management and custodian management, bonds operations, Fund Management including certificates management, back office settlement, NAV calculation, cash and share dividends processing, in addition to various other investments related transactions and corporate actions management.

The offering also empowers Initial Public Offering management, Private Equity placements processing, Reuters and Bloomberg connection and on-line update of securities pricing.

Current Activities

EMV Chip Card Migration Project of BANK