3G Solution

Stay Connected at High Data Rates

Third-generation (3G) networks are mobile and fixed wireless networks that offer broadband Internet access as well as a wide variety of enhanced multimedia services. With 3G Wireless your business can get connected and stay securely connected at high data rates. Mobile operators around the world have rolled out 3G networks, making high-speed access available at all times and in all places.

LOS Technology is offering 3G Wireless WAN on the integrated services router (ISR) platform to provide customers with true multipath WAN backup and rapidly deployable primary WAN connectivity options. The Cisco 3G solutions support the latest 3G standards (HSPA and EVDO Rev A) and are backward compatible with the widely deployed 2.5G networks (1xRTT, GPRS/EDGE).

The benefits of LOS 3G Solutions:

  • High-speed broadband WAN connectivity for either primary or backup
  • High availability for a true multipath backup option
  • Portability for rapid deployment of new and temporary sites after a one-time activation
  • Cost-effective, flexible data access plans

Current Activities

EMV Chip Card Migration Project of BANK